Hrithik Roshan Mohenjo Daro Mp3 Songs :Hrithik Roshan Pooja Hegde Staring Mohenjo Daro. film Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker Produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur Sunita Gowariker Ashutosh Gowariker Screenplay by Ashutosh Gowariker Starring Music composed by A. R. Rahman

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Mohenjo Daro

Movie Nam : Mohenjo Daro

Starring :Hrithik Roshan,Pooja Hegde
Director :Ashutosh Gowariker
Producer :Siddharth Roy Kapur ,Sunita Gowariker,Ashutosh Gowariker
Music :A. R. Rahman

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1 – Mohenjo Mohenjoa
Singer(S) : Arijit Singh
Download  : [Direct]  or [ZippyShare]
2 – Sindhu Ma
Singer(S) : A.R. Rahman, Sanah Moidutty
Download  : [Direct]  or [ZippyShare]
3 – Sarsariya
Singer(S) : Shashwat Singh, Shashaa     
Download  : [Direct]  or [ZippyShare]
4 – Tu Hai
Singer(S) : A.R. Rahman, Sanah Moidutty
Download  : [Direct]  or [ZippyShare]
5 – Whispers Of The Mind
Singer(S) : Arjun Chandy
Download  : [Direct]  or [ZippyShare]
6 – Whispers Of The Heart
Singer(S) : Arjun Chandy
Download  : [Direct]  or [ZippyShare]
7 – The Shimmer Of Sindhu
Singer(S) : Keba Kareem
Download  : [Direct]  or [ZippyShare]
8 – Lakh Lakh Thora
Singer(S) : Tapas Roy, Naveen
Download  : [Direct]  or [ZippyShare]


Mohenjo Daro Movie info: Mohenjo Daro, Gowariker’s movie took over three years to develop. He took help from archaeologists who documented the discovery of Indus Valley Civilisation. The film was shot in Bhuj and Mumbai with short schedules in Jabalpur and Thane.

The movie also stars Pooja Hegde and is slated to hit the theatres on August 12,

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