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Nava Manmadhudu Songs ,Nava Manmadhudu Mp3 ,Nava Manmadhudu Audio ,Nava Manmadhudu Dhaush
Nava Manmadhudu
 Movie Name : Nava Manmadhudu
 Staring : Dhanush, Samantha, Amy Jackson
Director :Velraj
Producer :Dhanush
Cinematography :A. Kumaran
Music : Anirudh Ravichander
Label : Sony Music
Nava Manmadhudu Telugu Mp3

.:: Track-list ‘n’ Download Links ::.

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01 – Nee Takkari Loo.. – 2.4M    
Singer(s) :Anirudh
Download Link OR Mirror Link OR Zippyshare

02 – Manasa Manasa – 4.2M
Singer(s) : Anirudh, Dhanush, Nikhita Gandhi
Download Link OR Mirror Link OR Zippyshare
03 – Emannavoo – 3.3M    
Singer(s) : Anirudh, Dhanush, Shweta Mohan
Download Link OR Mirror Link OR Zippyshare

04 – Odini Lali – 2.8M    
Singer(s) : Anirudh, Shweta Mohan
Download Link OR Mirror Link OR Zippyshare

Dhanush Nava Manmadhudu :Nava Manmadhudu, Audio Rights of this movie acquired by Sony Music, after clashing with ‘Think Music, Orange Music are competed to grab the audio rights.

Makers went to Trisha and Anandhi for the female lead roles, later replaced with Amy Jackson and Samantha. This is the second part of VIP movie which marked highest grossing at the box office in Tamil and also in the Dhanush’s career, The film also turned out to be a hit in Telugu into which it was dubbed after its release in Tamil. Makers kept VIP 2 as title until shooting is completed.

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