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Movie Name : Nenorakam

Staring :Sairam Shankar & Reshmi Menon
Director :Sudharshan Salendra
Poducer :Depa Shareekhanth
Music : Mahith Narayan

Nenorakam Telugu Mp3

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01 – Pidikedu Nadumu
Singer(S): Jassie Gift
Download Link: [Direct] Or [Zippyshare]

02 – Choodakunda
Singer(S): Prakash Parighosh
Download Link: [Direct] Or [Zippyshare]

03 – I Am So Crazy
Singer(S): Swaraag Keerthan
Download Link: [Direct] Or [Zippyshare]

04 – Habbu Pabbu
Singer(S): Bhargavi Pillai
Download Link: [Direct] Or [Zippyshare]

05 – Naa Cheli Yedhi
Singer(S): Rahul Sipligunj
Download Link: [Direct] Or [Zippyshare]

Sai’s Nenorakam : Sairam Shankar – Vibha Entertainments film Nenorakam teaser. directed by Sudharshan Salendra. produced by Depa Shareekhanth. music by Mahith Narayan. starring: Sairam Shankar & Reshmi Menon, Puri Jagannath’s brother hero Sai Ram Shankar’s new movie reported to have got the title of ‘Neno Rakam.’

This project was lying on sets from long time but media hasn’t got enough updates. Nevertheless, few of the audience have thought that the film is dropped in middle. Finally, here is the update. ‘Neno Rakam’ in the direction of Sudarshan Sailendra with Srikanth Reddy as producer is eyeing for a possible summer release. Reshmi Menon is playing the heroine.

Sai Ram Shankar hasn’t got much success in film industry as a hero. Just using the influential tag of Puri Jagannath’s brother, he tried to gain the mileage. ‘Neno Rakam’ can be an apt title for Sai, if audience approves his acting talents. While ‘Neno Rakam’ audio and trailer are coming up in next few weeks

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