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Radha Krishna Songs ,Radha Krishna Mp3 ,Radha Krishna Audio Songs ,Radha Krishna Venkatesh
Radha Krishna
Movie Name : Radha Krishna
Staring : Venkatesh ,Nayanthara
Music :Ghibran
Direction: Maruthi

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01 – First Song
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02 – Second Song
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03 – Third Song
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04 – Fourth Song

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05 – Fifth Song
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06 – Sixth Song
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Venkatesh’s Radha Krishna : Venkatesh and Maruthi have joined hands for a new movie tentatively titled Radha Krishna. The film will be launched in December second week and the principal shooting will commence from January 2016 onwards. Nayanthara is playing the female lead opposite Venkatesh in this action-comedy produced by Suryadevara Naga Vamsi.

The latest update is that Venkatesh will be playing the role of a fiery cop in this film. The film will showcase the serious side of Venky akin to his role in Gharshana. The last time Venky played a cop was in Eenadu, a remake of Bollywood’s critically acclaimed film A Wednesday. Interestingly, almost all the films Venky enacted a cop have turned out to be super hits and once again we can expect nothing short of a blockbuster from this combination.

Ghibran has been roped in to score the music for this Maruthi directorial. More details are awaited.


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