Sai Dharam Teja’s Sathamanam Bhavathi 2016 Telugu mp3 Songs Free Download

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Sathamanam Bhavathi

Movie Name: Sathamanam Bhavathi

Staring: Sai Dharamateja,

Direction : Harish Shanker

Proudecer : Dil Raju

Music: S.S thaman

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Sai Dharma Tej’s Sathamanam Bhavathi Audio Songs :

Dil Raju. After delivering a mediocre hit with Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham, the duo teamed up second time for Subramanyam For Sale. The Harish Shankar directorial is gearing up for release on September 24th. Tej who is presently working for a mass entertainer Thikka has signed two more films with Dil Raju.

Sai Dharam Tej will next join hands with Patas fame Anil Ravipudi for which Dil Raju registered the title Supreme AC/DTS that will have Raashi Khanna playing female lead. The mega hero will simultaneously work for Thikka and Supreme.

Apart from these, Tej has also given nod for a family entertainer to be directed by popular writer Satish Vegesna. Heroine and other cast will be announced soon for this Dil Raju’s 4th production venture with Sai. Sathamanam Bhavathi is title confirmed for Tej – Satish film.

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