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Snehamera Jeevitham
Movie Name : Snehamera Jeevitham
Staring :  Siva Balaji, Rajeev Kanakala
Director : Mahesh Upputuri
Produced by Siva Balaji & Manoharan

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01 – First Song
Singer(s) :
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02 – Second Song
Singer(s) :
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03 – Third Song
Singer(s) : 
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04 – Fourth Song
Singer(s) : 
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05 – Fifth Song
Singer(s) : 
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06 – Sixth Song
Singer(s) : 
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Snehamera Jeevitham 2016 Telugu movie Motion Poster on featuring Siva Balaji and Rajeev Kanakala. Music by Sunil Kashyap. Directed by Mahesh Upputuri. Produced by Siva Balaji & Manoharan.


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