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Shourya Songs ,Shourya Mp3 ,Shourya Audio Songs ,Shourya Manchu Manoj
Movie Name : Shourya
Staring : Manchu Manoj ,Regina
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Director :Dasaradh
Manchu Manoj Shourya Mp3 Songs

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01 – First Song
Singer(s) : 
02 – Second Song
03 – Third Song

04 – Fourth Song

05 – Fifth Song
Singer(s) :

06 – Sixth Song
Singer(s) :

 Manchu Manoj’s “Shourya” Staring Manchu Manoj ,ReginaDirector Dasaradh who made such blockbusters like Santosham and Mr. Perfect is now directing a film titled Shourya that has Manchu Manoj in the lead role. Regina is the heroine. Manoj Shourya.


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